ProSight 1.1 FW Revision Release Notes

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Shahar Keren

This article details the new features implemented in the new 1.1 FW version of ProSight, lists the fixed bugs and report the known issues.


New Features

  • Night Mode

Optimized for poor light conditions. This feature has three options: Off, Med and High, to optimize performance on any light conditions.

  • Indoor Mode

An option to filter out flickering caused by fluorescent light. This feature has two options, for utility frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

  • Professional Races Support 

An option to search and connect to HD transmitters working on non-standard frequencies.

  • HDR in HP Mode

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is now available in HP (High Performance) mode and not only in HQ (High Quality mode), resulting in better video quality when flying through different light conditions such as in and out of shades.

  • View by Frequency

An option to search for a HD transmitter by frequency. This enables the viewer to connect automatically to any HD transmitter working on a specific frequency.

  • R Band Support

Support for subset of the R bands used for racing.

  • High Temperature Indication

Added OSD messages for Camera overheating and Transmitter overheating


Bugs fixed

  • Improved RF performance of ProSight bands, resulting in better link robustness and video quality using ProSight bands.
  • Improved Bluetooth performance.
  • OSD buttons and Mobile App settings were synced.


Known issues

  • No known limitations.


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    So what improvements for HQ mode ...I need better WDR in HQ mode ...the cam yellows when its bought upwards and stays yellow tinge untill its angled downwards . Nothing in the software update that is useful to me from what I can see .. I never use HP mode .. I dont fly at night

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    The new software plasters your logo all over the HQ screen.. please remove it ....

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    Idan Pearl


    With our newest SW version the logo has been moved and changed significantly. I recommend you to update your system.
    Our HDR system (and nor WDR) has also been approved with our later versions, so it will help you there as well.