Regional Frequency Specifications

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Shahar Keren

Regional Frequency Specifications

The ProSight system operates over the full span of the 5GHz unlicensed band. Ranging from 5150MHz to 5925MHz, the system has a total of 62 different center frequencies to operate on. 

ProSight systems are shipped with regional settings that meet the regulatory requirements of the region they are sold in. 

The receiver system can be configured to operate in several modes depending on the regulations applicable in a specific region. Allowed frequencies are listed below: 

Area Available Modes
US and Canada
  • FCC
  • HAM
  • In-Door
  • Air-to-Ground (SRD)
  • In-Door
  • Out-Door
Japan ATV
Korea Out-Door
China In-Door

Notes for specific regional settings:

  • SRD regulation – max transmit power is 25mW
  • HAM regulation – max transmit power is 200mW 
  • Other regional settings – max transmit power is 200mW

Tip: All ProSight systems are certified to comply with regional regulation.

Regional Frequency Table


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    Jaoued Metrouch

    I would like to know if "Indoor EU" is 200mw. Or 25mw ?

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    Idan Pearl


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    Is Australia indoor 200mw as well ?

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    Shahar Keren

    Yes, Australia indoor 200mw as well.

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    I haver US version prosight system drone. I have bought transmitter & camera for another drone , but this transmitter is EU version. Can I use this EU version transmitter on US version reveiver ?

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    Amir Najjar

    Please consider to upgrade ALL units in the first place then pair them.
    All needed info can be found at: