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Shahar Keren

Q: How do I get the latest ProSight Firmware version?

A: you can find the instructions here.

Q: Does ProSight have a user manual I can read?

A: Full user manual can be found here

Q: How many channels does ProSight support?

A: ProSight has an advanced frequency setup for multi-pilots, with both automatic and manual modes, supporting up to 27 digital channels (FCC).

Q: What is the range of a ProSight link?

A: At line-of-sight conditions, the practical link range is between 300 to 1000 meters / 1000 to 3000 feet.
The link range depends on the flight scenario and may vary according to extreme flight maneuvers.

Q: What is the ProSight camera resolution? What is the ProSight receiver output resolution?

A: The ProSight camera has a 720p30 sensor (1280x720 pixel, 30 fps) with High Dynamic Range (HDR), suitable for daylight and nighttime flights.

The ProSight HDMI receiver output is 720p60 (1280x720, 60 fps), supporting standard HDMI screens and goggles.

ProSight was validated to work with: Fatshark V3, Fatshark HD V2, Quantum, Headplay, Atomos recorder, SWIT monitors and Feelworld monitors.

Q: What is the ProSight video delay from camera sensor to the receiver HDMI output? 

A: The ProSight HD video link has latency of less than 26 milliseconds.

Q: Will the ProSight transmitter work with CONNEX or CONNEX mini receiver?

A: No. These are two separate systems that do not interact.

Q: Can I use my own camera with ProSight  transmitter?

A: No. The ProSight transmitter works only with the ProSight camera.

Q: Is ProSight certified for RF regulation?

A: Yes. ProSight has certification for US (FCC), EU (CE), Australia & New Zeland, China and Korea. Other region regulations will follow.

Q: Will ProSight work in non-line-of-sight conditions?

A: The specified range of 300 to 1000 meters / 1000 to 3000 feet assumes clear line-of-sight.

ProSight works well underground/parking lots. Lower performance may be expected when used in woods and forests.

Q: Will ProSight work at night?

A: The ProSight camera has high dynamic range (HDR) of 115dB, allowing it to function extremely well with almost any lighting conditions.

Q: Will ProSight coexist with analog video systems?

A: Yes. At adequate frequency allocation, the systems will coexist perfectly.

Q: Can I use my ProSight receiver to view my friend’s ProSight’s flight?

A: Yes. ProSight receiver allows you to view any ProSight transmitter found in its reception radios.


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    Dave Raines

    Does the system employ a spread spectrum technique? How are frequencies picked in the automatic mode?

  • Avatar

    Advanced High-Definition spectator viewing mode ....How does this work ?

  • Avatar
    Shahar Keren

    ProSight does not use spread spectrum. It's using OFDM and MIMO technologies and the chip-sets inside are using the patented video modem developed by AMIMON.

  • Avatar
    Shahar Keren

    About spectator viewing mode, please refer to "Connecting to Transmitter" section on the ProSight manual (page 39). You can also look at the configuration video available in the support center.

  • Avatar
    Volkmar Schulz

    Hi. I want to connect a recoding device to the transmitter. Do you have an devices you have tested this unit with?

  • Avatar
    Volkmar Schulz

    Furthermore, do you plan to personalize the OSD or to connect some OSD sensors to the transmitter unit?

  • Avatar
    Idan Pearl


    regarding the recording device- we have many that we've tested, but nothing I can recommend. I suggest to consult with our Facebook group, where people are trying a lot of recorders.
    Personalize OSD is currently not in our near future plans, but we always trying to be better and give our customers what they ask.