Prosight goggle compatibility

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Jonathan Edelson
  • The following goggles were tested to comply with ProSight Receiver HDMI output:
    • Headplay
    • Vuzix
    • Zeiss Cinemizer
    • Farshark HD2
    • Farshark Dominator V3
    • Glyph


  • The following goggles don't support ProSight (720P @60Hz):
    • FatShark Dominator V2
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    What about the new skyzone hdmi and the walkera goggle 3

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    Shahar Keren

    We don't have the new skyzone hdmi and the walkera goggle 3 in our labs, so I can not be sure about compatibility, still, but looking at the skyzone's spec, I see no HDMI connector. If there is a HDMI connector, it will probably work. I see no reason for the walkera goggle 3 not to work with ProSight.

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    Jaoued Metrouch

    You forget , Sony HMZ T3 (also T1 & T2).
    Best resolution in the world. 1280x720 Oled .
    I fly with it and prosight.... wonderfull quality.