Controlling the Drone Camera Gimbal (CONNEX mini)

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The CONNEX Gimbal Control feature enables an operator on the ground to control the drone's camera gimbal using various remote controls over the video uplink channel. Only gimbals that can input S.BUS are supported. Gimbal control is supported for up to 500 meters.

This feature is supported only when an Air Unit is paired with a single Ground Unit. Before beginning the procedure below, verify that this is the case by using the CONNEX Management application to check the Ground Units that are registered to the Air Unit (click here for Windows / MAC details and click here for Android details).

To enable the CONNEX Gimbal Control feature:

  1. Connect the Air Unit S.BUS/CTRL port to the S.BUS or D.BUS port on the camera’s gimbal using the provided Air Unit MAVLink Telemetry and S.BUS cable or Air Unit CAN bus Telemetry and S.BUS cable.


    Air Unit MAVLink Telemetry and S.BUS Cable

    Air Unit CAN bus Telemetry and S.BUS Cable

  2. Connect the gimbal remote control’s Trainer port to the Ground Unit’s S.BUS/PWM/PPM port using the S.BUS/PWM/PPM Port cable.

  3. The default gimbal command transmission bit rate is FASSTest 12CH Mode (6.3m sec). If this bit rate is not supported by the gimbal controller, use the CONNEX Management application to configure the S.BUS Bit Rate manually (click here for Windows / MAC details and click here for Android details).

The Ground Unit automatically detects the S.BUS/PWM/PPM and transmits the gimbal commands over the wireless return channel to the Air Unit’s S.BUS/CTRL port.

For a list of supported remote controls and gimbals, click here

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    Micha Randegger

    I am not able to control my Z15-GH4 with my T14SG Futaba Transmitter via CONNEX MINI.
    Does the Z15-GH4 still need connection to the Flight Controller (A2) via Can-Bus?
    The T14SG is set to 16CH mode in Trainer menu, and 12CH FASST in System Menu.
    I am using the normal amimon cable with the square trainer jack for the Futaba and the 3.5mm audio jack for the CONNEX MINI. What did I miss? One of your Videos describes how to setup the Futaba so it will output SBUS through the trainer port. So should the Futaba act as a student or instructor Radio? How can I set this? Do I need to set the channels 1-4 (or others) to NORM/FUNC/MIX/OFF? Is the trainer switch (SH) not important? Do I need to power on the radio and disable/enable the RF transmission of the T14SG, or leave it off? Is there anything more to do?
    My T14SG's firmware is 7.0
    CONNEX MINI's air and ground unit are also running on the newest (upgraded 13th of June 2017) update, same as the Z15-GH4.

    Is there a difference, between Plane and Multirotor Mode on the T14SG?

    What do you recommend?

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    Micha Randegger

    I was able to control the gimbal when I connected it directly to the trainer port of the Futaba, so transmitter and gimbal are both working. The Connex Ground/Air Unit must cause the issue. It transmits video signal perfectly but no SBUS signal, which I configured to a 6.3ms SBUS rate in the PC Software and uploaded it to the Air Unit. Can I reset the Connex in any way or downgrade the firmware to see if this is the problem? Otherwise, it could only be a connection break at the Connex' Pins, the cables are OK, I measured their resistance.
    Thank you,

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