CONNEX mini Ground Unit (Receiver)

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The following figures show both sides of the Ground Unit.

Ground Unit (Receiver) – 1

Ground Unit (Receiver) – 2

Key  Name  Description
1 Three Rx Antennas Connectors The three antennas provided need to be screwed onto these connectors.
2 LEDs For a description of the Ground Unit  LEDs, refer to LED Behavior.
3 OSD Button Enables/disables the OSD display. This display presents a screen of telemetry information collected by the CONNEX system on the monitor connected to the Ground Unit (e.g., Air Unit flight parameters, height, direction, signal strength, and so on). For more information, refer to Ground Unit – On Screen Display (OSD).
By default, OSD is enabled (displayed). Pressing this button disables and re-enables OSD.
4 Link Button The CONNEX mini system supports up to four Ground Units per Air Unit. The Ground Unit provided out-of-the-box automatically searches for and connects to the Air Unit provided in the same box. The Link button enables you to connect up to three additional Ground Units to the same Air Unit. For details, refer to Multicasting to Multiple Ground Units.
5 Power Port Input rating: 8-26 VDC.
6 Tripod Mount Hole Enables you to connect the Ground Unit to a tripod. Connection to a tripod is optional.
7 S.BUS / PPM Trainer

This port can be connected to the Remote Control trainer port. This port enables you to remotely control the gimbal on the drone using the link between the Ground Unit and the Air Unit. The Ground Unit supports both S.BUS and PPM inputs.

The bit rate of this control can be configured in the S.BUS Rate field using the CONNEX Management application for Windows / MAC or for Android devices.

8 Micro USB Port This port enables configuration and upgrade of the Ground Unit software using the CONNEX Management application for Windows / MAC or for Android devices.
9 HDMI Port Enables display of the received video. Connect this port to a monitor’s HDMI port using the provided standard HDMI cable.

Ground Unit Cables and Antennas

Cables and accessories for the Ground Unit are described in the table below.

Name  Description   
Standard HDMI Cable


1.2 meters. 
Power Connector


DC plug to XT-60 Male – 50cm length.
S.BUS Trainer Port Cable 3-pin to Futaba – 1 meter cable. 
PPM Cable PL 2.5mm male to PL3.5mm male.   
Rx Antennas


Three 2dbi screw-on antennas. 
Micro USB Cable

Standard Micro USB cable for upgrading the Ground Unit software.

The Micro USB connector connects to the USB port on the Ground Unit.

The mini USB connector connects to a computer on which the Ground Unit software is installed. 

USB to Micro USB Connector

Enables connection of the Air Unit to a tablet or mobile device.

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