CONNEX FW Revision 3.0 Release Notes

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Idan Pearl

This article details the new features implemented in the new 3.0 FW version of CONNEX, lists the fixed bugs and report the known issues.


New Features

  • Support for 22 channels

FW version 3.0 adds the support for twice as many 20MHz channels, all in the unlicensed 5GHz band.

Note- This is supported by CONNEX only (not supported in CONNEX mini)

  • Ability to select Automatic or Manual channel selection

Version 3.0, along with the new CONNEX management tool, supports the ability to select a specific fixed frequency setting for the CONNEX link between the air and ground unit.

Note- This is supported by CONNEX only (not supported in CONNEX mini)

More on this feature can be found on this article

  • New Management Application for Mac &Android

From this version onwards, a mobile application for Android is available to download from the Google Play market.

The management application is also available now for Mac users.

The Windows application was upgraded and now supports Windows 10.

More on operating systems that supports the CONNEX management tool can be found here

  • Improved OSD

FW version 3.0 updates the OSD telemetry:

  1. Frequency configuration – "Fixed frequency" or "Automatic selection" is presented.
    If the system runs on fixed frequency-the OSD shows the exact selected frequency. 
  2. System bandwidth – "20MHz" or "40MHz" bandwidth is presented
  • Support for CONNEX mini

FW version 3.0 is the first to support the new CONNEX mini platform.


Bugs fixed

  • Picture quality was improved in extreme conditions, like fast turns or flying in between obstacles.


Known issues

 FW version 3.0 known limitations:

  • When using the GoPro HERO4 BLACK 4K Action Camera, it is recommended to use the following power sequence to guarantee proper video link:
    • Power on CONNEX Air and Ground Unit
    • Power on the GoPro HERO4 camera
  • YAW telemetry accuracy is +/- 10 degrees 
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  • Avatar
    Thank you guys so much for supporting OSX and all your efforts in improving the system. Thumbs up!
  • Avatar
    Thilo Schmid

    Does "FW version 3.0 is the first to support the new CONNEX mini platform" mean that I now can connect a CONNEX mini transmitter to a CONNEX Ground Unit?

  • Avatar
    Shahar Keren

    Sorry, but no. CONNEX will not link with a CONNEX mini platform.