Telemetry Fields and OSD Provided by CONNEX

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Itai Dekel

This article describes the telemetry fields provided by CONNEX.

Please note that the top OSD bar is visible only when CONNEX Air Unit is connected to a flight controller, receiving its telemetry information.

The fields on the bottom OSD bar are generated by CONNEX systems and will therefore appear even when the flight controller is not connected.

Note that the OSD button on the Ground Unit selects OSD On/Off for both OSD bars.

Telemetry OSD (the top OSD bar) from left to right:

  1. H: Drone height (in the image above - "-1[m]")
  2. YAW: Rotation around the vertical axis ("0[deg]")
  3. GS: Ground Speed in m/s ("0[m/s]")
  4. Flight Mode:  ("MAN")
    Flight Mode Description
    STBL Stabilize
    ACRO Acro
    ALTH Alt Hold
    AUTO Auto
    GUID Guided
    LOIT Loiter
    CIRC Circle
    POS Position
    LAND Land
    DRFT Frift
  5. Number of satellites ("8")
  6. Drone Battery Voltage ("14.7")
  7. Home Arrow (located on the bottom right): Presents the direction of the current drone’s GPS reading vs. “Home Location” position. Icon has 45 degrees resolution, while the numeric value has 1 degree resolution

 CONNEX OSD (the bottom OSD bar) from left to right:

  1. Link quality ("Good")
  2. D: LOS Distance between Air and Ground Units ("11[m]")
  3. Video Resolution ("1080P30")
  4. Air Unit Power voltage ("14.7[V]")
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