How many Connex systems can work in the same vicinity?

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Alon Ramon

This article explains the system limitations when using multiple CONNEX systems within the same vicinity. The "same vicinity" depends on the environment so cannot be defined specifically such as an open space, large hangar or exhibition hall. 

When multiple CONNEX systems are used in close proximity, you may experience some interference. Possible reasons are:

  • Lack of video synchronization between the different sources
  • Placing CONNEX Air/Ground units in short range between each other (causing near-far conditions)  
  • Adjacent channel interferences. Explanation on adjacent channel can be found here: 
  • External 5GHz band systems such as WIFI and radars.

Therefore, we suggest following the steps below to allow for coexistence between the systems.

Regional Regulatory Considerations

Currently, CONNEX is approved for use in 6 different regions. 

SW: In this below, u say Canada and Aussie use same table as others. Why don't u remove a link and change a title such as to "FCC (USA) and Canada". Not sure myself which is best. Choose.


  • Total of 9 available channels (4 non DFS and 5 DFS frequencies)

EU (Europe)

  • Indoor mode - Total of 9 available channels (2 non DFS + 7 DFS)
  • Air to Ground mode - Total of 3 available channels (3 non DFS)

MIC (Japan) 

  • Total of 9 available channels (2 non DFS + 7 DFS) 

SRRC (China)

  • Indoor mode - Total of 6 available channels (4 non DFS + 2 DFS)
  • Outdoor mode - Total of 4 available channels (2 non DFS +  2 DFS)


  • Uses the same frequency table as USA


  • Uses the same frequency table as EU

Coexistence Best Practice

In a multi-system CONNEX environment, we recommend that:

  1. The maximum number of coexisting systems in the same vicinity will be: "The total number of available frequencies, in each region, minus two".
    For example, in the FCC region this number will be 7 (out of a total of 9 available channels).

    NOTE: There is an exception. It is possible to use 2 systems simultaneously in Air to Ground mode in the same vicinity.

  2. The units should be placed at a distance between them of least 2 meters.
  3. 5GHz Wifi systems should be placed at least 2 meters away from both Air and Ground units.

Frequency Table per Region


40MHz BW 20MHz BW US EU Indoor EU Air to Ground Japan Indoor Japan Outdoor Korea Indoor Korea Outdoor ANZ  China Indoor China Outdoor
  5160 V V                
5190 5180 V V   V   V     V  
5200 V V   V   V     V  
5230 5220 V V   V   V     V  
5240 V V   V   V     V  
5270 5260 V V   V   V V   V  
5280 V V   V   V V   V  
5310 5300 V V   V   V V   V  
5320 V V   V   V V   V  
  5340 V V                
5510 5500 V V   V V V V V    
5520 V V   V V V V V    
5550 5540 V V   V V V V V    
5560 V V   V V V V V    
5590 5580 V V   V V V V V    
5600 V V   V V V V      
5630 5620 V V   V V V V      
5640 V V   V V V V      
5670 5660 V V   V V x   V    
5680 V V   V V x   V    
  5700 V V   V V x   V    
5755 5745 V   V     V V V V V
5765 V   V     V V V V V
5795 5785 V   V     V V V V V
5805 V   V     V V V V V
5835 5825 V   V         V V V
5845     V              
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