Controlling the Drone Camera Gimbal (CONNEX)

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Netanel Goldberg

The CONNEX Gimbal Control feature enables an operator on the ground to control the drone's camera gimbal using various remote controls over the video uplink channel. Only gimbals that can input S.BUS are supported. Gimbal control is supported for up to 1 Km.

This feature is supported only when an Air Unit is paired with a single Ground Unit. Before beginning the procedure below, verify that this is the case by using the CONNEX Management application to check the Ground Units that are registered to the Air Unit (click here for Windows / MAC details and click here for Android details).

To enable the CONNEX Gimbal Control feature:

  1. Connect the Air Unit S.BUS port to the S.BUS or D.BUS port on the camera’s gimbal using the provided S.BUS cable (click here for details).

    Connecting the Air Unit S-BUS Cable – Box 6

  2. Connect the gimbal remote control’s Trainer port to the Ground Unit’s S.BUS/PWM/PPM port (see here) using the S.BUS/PWM/PPM Port cable.
  3. The default gimbal command transmission bit rate is FASSTest 12CH Mode (6.3m sec). If this bit rate is not supported by the gimbal controller, use the CONNEX Management application to configure the S.BUS Bit Rate manually (click here for Windows / MAC details and click here for Android details).

The Ground Unit automatically detects the S.BUS/PWM/PPM and transmits the gimbal commands over the wireless return channel to the Air Unit’s S.BUS/CTRL port.

For a list of supported remote controls and gimbals, click here

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