Ground Unit – On Screen Display (OSD)

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Netanel Goldberg

The Ground Unit monitor displays information collected by the CONNEX system overlaid on the video received from the Air Unit. The following types of information can be overlaid on the video:

Default Information Overlaid on Video

By default, the Ground Unit displays the following information overlaid on the bottom of the video in a black strip (indicated by the red arrow in the picture below).

OSD ON – Default View

The following information is provided:

Air Unit to Ground Unit video signal strength.
Distance of the Air Unit from the Ground Unit (in meters).
Video resolution captured by the drone camera.
The currently selected frequency option. CONNEX mini systems support automatic frequency only.
When a fixed frequency is selected, the frequency is displayed in MHz.
The currently selected bandwidth. CONNEX mini systems support 40 MHz bandwidth only.
Air Unit power voltage level.
  This arrow, which appears when three or more GPS satellites are detected, points in the direction of home. The arrow has eight positions (with 45 degrees between each), and the degrees to the home location is shown below the arrow. (The value is received from the drone's telemetry).

By default, this OSD information is enabled (displayed). Pressing the OSD button (see here for CONNEX and here for CONNEX mini) on the Ground Unit disables (hides) this OSD information. Pressing the button again redisplays it.

Additional Telemetry Information Overlaid on Video

Additional telemetry information can be overlaid on the video received from the drone’s flight controller. This information appears in a black strip on the top of the video (indicated by the red arrow in the picture below).

OSD View – With Additional Telemetry Information

The following information is provided:

Drone height.
Rotation of the drone around the axis (in degrees), relative to the North.
Ground speed.

Flight Mode.
The following standard Arducopter flight modes may be displayed:

  • STBL (Stabilize)
  • ARCO
  • ALTH (Alt hold)
  • AUTO
  • GUID (Guided) 
  • LOIT (Loiter)
  • RTL
  • CIRC (Circle)
  • POS (Position)
  • LAND
  • DRFT (Drift)
  • SPRT (Sport)
  • UNK (Unknown)
  Number of connected GPS satellites.
  Aircraft battery charge.

 The additional telemetry information is displayed when:

  • The drone has a supported flight controller.
  • The Air Unit Telemetry/MAVLink/CTRL port is connected to the drone's flight controller. (For details for the CONNEX unit, refer to Connecting the Telemetry Port. For details for the CONNEX mini unit, refer to Connecting the CTRL Port for MAVLink Telemetry or for CAN bus Telemetry.)
  • The OSD button on the Ground Unit is set to enable the display of flight control (Telemetry) information.

When the Air Unit receives valid Telemetry messages from the drone flight controller, these messages are transmitted to the Ground Unit, which displays the additional Telemetry information on the OSD. This may require a few seconds to take effect.

For a list of supported flight controllers, click here.

To display OSD information:

  • While all LEDs on the Ground Unit are lit, press the OSD button on the Ground Unit. The following is an example of the OSD View:


    OSD View – with Telemetry Information

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