Mounting the Air Unit Antenna Accessories (CONNEX)

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Netanel Goldberg

The Air Unit antenna mounting accessories provide a variety of options for attaching the two provided flat cable antennas to the drone so that they are pointing the towards the ground (vertical).

Air Unit Cable Antenna Mounting Accessory – With Flat Cable Antenna – Box 2

Key  Description



Antenna Cable


Antenna Clamp


Antenna Mounting Screw


Antenna Mounting Piece



Front of the Antenna Mount Piece

Key  Description
1 Drone leg/bar is here


Back of the Antenna Mount Piece

Key  Description
1 + 2 

Plastic ties can be threaded through here to attach this to the drone


The Antenna Clamp attaches to the rotary on the Antenna Mounting Piece (shown above) using the provided screw. The Antenna Clamp has two holes through which you can insert the screw to attach it to the Antenna Mounting Piece according to the direction you would like the antenna to point. Once the Antenna Clamp is connected to the Antenna Mounting Piece, you can rotate it in the direction that you require the antenna to point, as shown below:

Rotating the Antenna Clamp around the Antenna Mounting Piece


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