Connecting the Telemetry/MAVLink Port (CONNEX)

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Netanel Goldberg

The following procedure describes how to connect the Air Unit Telemetry/MAVLink port to the drone's flight controller so the Ground Unit monitor can display information received from the drone's flight controller overlaid on the video (such as flight mode, number of connected GPS satellites, speed, height, orientation and more).

To connect the Telemetry port:

  • Connect the Air Unit Telemetry port to the drone using the provided Air Unit Telemetry cable.

    The right side of this cable goes into the Air Unit Telemetry port.

    The left side of this cable goes into the Telemetry port of the flight controller on the drone.

Connecting the Air Unit Telemetry Cable – Box 6

Note: Not all flight controllers are supported. For a list of tested models, refer to supported flight controllers. 

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    Bealo, Mark

    Which is the Telemetry port on the DJI A2 Flight Controller that you recommend connecting to?

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    Marco De Silva

    I have a connex unit, now I would like to buy an autopilot unit (ardupilot or pixhawk), in order to obtain a gps additional on the ground unit. Now my question is: If I have only connex unit, an autopilot unit with a gps antenna, above-mentioned, and obviously a battery and related cables ( I don't have a radiocontroller or other drone stuff ) can I use telemetry information or I need other stuff ?
    p.s. (as you'll see I don't use connex for a traditional use but I need this information for experimental use)

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    Shahar Keren

    Hi Marco,
    Specific telemetry information is displayed over the video by CONNEX. If this is what you're looking for, it is supported. If you're interested in outputting this information and log it, it is not supported.
    You can read more on the supported telemetry parameters in the following article:

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    Is it possible to get telemetry from the DJI A2 straight to the connex, with the standard cables?
    Id like to get telemetry without using DJI Ground station, IOSD mkII.

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    Amir Najjar
  • Avatar
    Robin östlund

    Does this cable work with the prosight? It only has 5 pins out and this one 6? I'm want to use it with my Pixhawk.

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    Amir Najjar

    Hi Robin,
    I sent you all information about the ProSight telemetry with Pixhawk.