Supported Remote Controls, Gimbals and Telemetry Flight Controllers

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Netanel Goldberg

This section lists the Air Unit camera gimbals and remote controls that are supported by CONNEX and CONNEX mini.

Supported Air Unit Camera Gimbals (partial list, for pre-tested models)

  • DJI - Zenmuse Z15-GH4 (HD), Z15-GH3, Z15-BMPCC, Z15-5D, Z15-5D III (HD)
  • DJI - Ronin, Ronin-M
  • FreeFly Movi M5
  • Tarot T-2D

Supported Remote Controls (partial list, for pre-tested models)

** Please note that any RC unit that outputs PPM protocol over its trainer port can be supported only with CONNEX SW version 2.0.x and higher. 

  • Futaba T14GS
  • Futaba FX-22
  • Futaba T18MZ
  • Futaba FX-32
  • Futaba T14SG
  • Futaba T10J
  • DJI NPVT581
  • DJI SR6
  • Spektrum DX7S
  • JR XG6

Supported Flight Controllers for Telemetry (partial list, for pre-tested models)

  • DJI A2
  • 3DR Pixhawk
  • 3DR APM
  • 3DR ArduPilot
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    Phil Sobolev

    Is there any documentation or video showing proper connection of the telemetry cable to the A2 FC?

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    Daniel Chapman

    Im trying my best to find any shreds of information. How do i connect to a naza flight controller. No point telling us it is compatable, then leaving us to guess how! please supply documentation.. Images or best a video would help..Thank you..