What is the Pin Mapping for the Power Connectors?

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Netanel Goldberg

This article explains the pin mapping for the power connectors. 

The pin mapping for the Air Unit power connector is:

  • The two center pins are live (hot)
  • The top and bottom pins are GND

The Air Unit power connector type is: GH type 4-pin JST female to XT-60 Male.

The pin mapping for the Ground Unit power connector is:

  • The center pin is live (hot)
  • The connector is a DC Power Jack, 2.0mm Center Pin Diameter
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    Dhiraj K. Parmar

    Can we connect power bank or Sony Np Series battery to Connex Mini Air unit for Powering.


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    Idan Pearl

    As long as the units outputs between 8V and 26V - you can connect it to the air unit.