How to detach or replace the CONNEX Air Unit antennas ?

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Itai Dekel

In order to detach the antennas from the CONNEX Air Unit, carefully pull the antenna from its gold base using a pliers tool. Do not twist or bend the gold base.

See the attached picture and animation.



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    Riccardo Corbari

    Is it possible to replace the antennas with a longer wire? Is it possible to extend the wire even if it has been not tested?


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    Shahar Keren

    Hi Riccardo,

    You can use different antennas from the ones provided with the CONNEX set, but when doing so, please keep in mind:
    1. When choosing antennas, make sure the antennas and cables are good for the entire 5GHz band, not only for the 5.8GHz. CONNEX, uses the entire 5GHz band (not like analog video).
    2. From regulations point of view, CONNEX is certified for 2dbi OMNI directional antennas, so you should not change to antennas with higher gain. Again, this is for regulations purpose only, and if there are no regulatory issues where you operate, you can change to higher gain antennas.
    3. Regarding the length of the cables, the longer the cables are, the higher the attenuation, so you should keep the cables as short as possible.
    4. You will not be able to extend range above 1000m with higher gain antennas, as the 1000m range limitation on CONNEX is a SW limitation. For more information on this matter, please have a look at the following video:
    5. In our tests, we were able to reach 1000m range using the antennas provided in the package. I can not guarantee performance of other antennas and RF cables.