What is the video delay or video latency over the CONNEX link?

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Netanel Goldberg

CONNEX provides extremely low video latency of less than 1 millisecond from HDMI input connector on the CONNEX Air Unit to the HDMI output connector on the CONNEX Ground Unit.

The latency is fixed at less then 1 millisecond for any video resolution, up to full HD of 1080p60 uncompressed.



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    Ramviyas Parasuraman

    How do you test the video latency?

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    Netanel Goldberg

    It's a good question. We do that in our lab using oscilloscopes and signal analyzer... but there is a "known field practice", where you can actually use your smartphone for that:

    Put the phone on "Stopwatch" and start running. Then place it near the display that is connected to the Ground Unit, and use the Camera connected to the Air Unit to picture it.
    Now use another smartphone or camera to take a picture of the stopwatch and the display behind it. The picture will show you the entire lag of the link :-)
    Keep in mind that the delay is made of 3 parts: The camera delay (from picture to HDMI output), the CONNEX delay (from HDMI in to HDMI out) and the display delay (from HDMI in to display).

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