Why is my System range is limited to 500m? below 1000m?

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Netanel Goldberg

CONNEX system's range depends on several parameters:

  1. Regional RF regulations may limit the allowed CONNEX transmission power.
    Please check with your local Radio administration which band is approved for use in your area.
  2. Interference: Other 5GHz systems in close proximity may limit the system's effective range.
  3. Link environmental conditions: Try to have a clear line of sight between the Air and Ground units
  4. Channel mode: the CONNEX system supports two channel modes: 
    • "High Quality" = Full HD (1080p60) over 40MHz BW, or, 
    • "Stability Boost" = Most robust (up to 1080i60) over 20MHz BW 
  5. Using CONNEX, CONNEX Fusion and CONNEX Mini in different combinations, will limit your range. see here for more information
  6. Antenna positioning:

For best performance, ensure to set the Air unit and Ground unit antennas according to the following recommendations:

  • Mount the Air unit's antennas firmly to the drone
  • Align all antennas to be parallel and facing each other: 
  • Air unit antennas should be facing the Ground unit antennas.
  • Keep the Air unit antennas at least one inch away from any metal or carbon elements and at least two inches apart 
  • Tightly secure the Air unit antennas so they will not move during the drone’s mission
  • Set the Air unit antennas to be parallel with 90 degrees phase between them

If antenna positioning is as recommended, there are no surrounding interferences and you have a clear line of sight between the Air and Ground units you should expect to have a good link of 1000 meters (0.6 miles). 

For more details visit this article


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