Reception Range and Reception Areas

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The CONNEX LR is supplied with its own antennas. 4 of the antennas are built-in to the receiver's body and does not require outside connection, and the fifth antenna is an external antenna.

Below, you can find the description of the CONNEX LR reception area.

When positioning the CONNEX LR on a tripod, the main lobe of its antennas spreads on a 70o horizontally, giving it a range of up to 3Km of stable reception in LoS condition.


The CONNEX LR has no limitation range, so the user might be able to reach further than 3Km, with the right antenna positioning, clear line of sight and clear frequencies.

On the side and back lobes, the CONNEX LR has up to 400 meters range, letting the user have a safe and close landing when outside the main lobe reception area.

The CONNEX LR's main lobe is also spread vertically 25o. The vertical side and back lobes will also allow the user a range of up to 400 meters.


To ensure best reception for the entire 3Km, tilt the CONNEX LR to the estimated height the drone will fly at in most of its flight time.


To get the maximum range out of the CONNEX LR, configure the link for 20MHz bandwidth, which will increase the range of the system.

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