Alert and System Messages

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The tables below describe messages that may appear on the monitor connected to the CONNEX LR HDMI port.

Alert Messages – Overlaid on Video During Link

These alert messages may be displayed on top of the live video:



Video Signal Not Detected

A link has been established between the Air Unit and the Ground Unit, but no video signal has been detected. This message is displayed regardless of the OSD button position.

System Messages – No Link

These system messages may be displayed when no live video is displayed:



Searching for Air Unit

This message is displayed until a link is established. This may occur when the Air Unit is out of range or unavailable, or when the Ground Unit has been removed from its list of paired devices.

Pairing in Progress

This message is displayed while the Air Unit is pairing with a Ground Unit.

For a detailed description of the pairing process, see Multicasting to Multiple Ground Units.

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