Setting Up the CONNEX LR Ground Unit

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This section describes how to set up the CONNEX LR.

We highly recommend that you use the provided AMIMON accessories and cables. If alternate products are used, make sure that they are of the highest quality.

To set up the CONNEX LR:

  1. Refer to the Placement Guidelines of CONNEX LR for a description of mandatory requirements and best practices for optimal placement of the Ground Unit and its antennas.

  2. Enable display of the received video by connecting the provided standard HDMI cable from the CONNEX LR HDMI port to the monitor’s HDMI port.

    Figure 29. Standard HDMI Cable

    Standard HDMI Cable

  3. Connect the provided power cable to the power port on the Ground Unit labeled 8-26-VDC, and connect the other end to a power source.

    Verify that both LEDs on the Ground Unit light up, as described in the tables below.

LED Behavior

The CONNEX LR features two LED indicators: a Video LED and a Network LED. In normal operating conditions, both LEDs show a constant white color. No power (or low power) is indicated by the LEDs turning off.

When the indicators are blinking quickly (both LEDs), a system error has been detected. In this case, use the CONNEX Management application to update the software, or contact CONNEX support.

The behaviors of each individual LED are described in the tables below.

 Video LED


The video signal from the camera is locked (i.e., the signal is being received from the Air Unit).

Blinks Slowly

The video signal from the camera is not locked.

Blinks Quickly

The camera is transmitting a video resolution that is not supported.

 Network LED


A link has been established to the Ground Unit.

Blinks Quickly

Registration is in progress, or the Ground Unit has gone out of range.

Blinks Slowly

The Air Unit is establishing a link with the Ground Unit.

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