FW version 4.5 Realease Notes

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The following features are availible in version 4.5 and above.

Support for CONNEX LR

This version will allow the already CONNEX Fusion/Mini transmitters to connect with the new CONNEX LR receiver.

Support 20MHz and Fixed frequency for CONNEX Mini

This version will allow the CONNEX Mini Transmitter to transmit in both 20MHZ and 40MHz, as well as transmit on a fixed frequency, similar to the full size CONNEX transmitter.

New Software update tool

To support the new updates for the CONNEX Family products, a new update tool is released for the PC/Mac.

Known issues

The following issues are known in this version:

  1. When connecting the Transmitter to the tool, and deleting one of the Registred receivers, it looks like all Receivers has been removed. Fixed after a reset to transmitter.

  2. in rare cases, registration is failing after a long time (~3 minutes). a reset to the receiver and registering again solves the problem.

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