How do I switch and manage between the ProSight and ProSight HX Cameras?

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This article explains how to change the 2 different cameras.

Accessing Camera Settings

Select Main Menu -> Setup -> Camera Settings

Selecting/Viewing camera type

This section describes how to manage Connected Camera Type, The camera is identified automatically.

To select or view the camera that is connected to the Tx:

  1. Select Main Menu -> Setup -> Camera Settings -> Select Camera.

  2. Select one of the following options according to the camera type attached:

  • ProSight HX – ProSight HX Camera 

  • ProSight – ProSight Camera

Replacing Camera Type

This section reviews the tasks associated with changing camera type (for example, upgrading to ProSight HX Camera). There are two options to change camera type.

Replacing and Pairing:

  1. Disconnect the HD transmitter from power source.

  2. Disconnect the existing camera and connect the new camera.

  3. Turn on the HD transmitter.

    The HD transmitter identifies the type of camera connected.

  4. Perform Pairing HD Transmitter and Receiver.

Replacing without Pairing:

  1. Perform Selecting/Viewing camera type and select the camera type. The video image is lost (searching screen).

  2. Disconnect the HD Transmitter from power source.

  3. Replace the camera.

  4. Turn on the HD transmitter.

  5. Communication and image functions are reactivated.

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