Best link setup for multi-system with CONNEX ProSight

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This article purpose is to describe the best link setup when working multiple systems with CONNEX ProSight.

CONNEX ProSight offers three frequency modes:

  • Auto - AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection) mechanism, good for up to two systems in parallel.

In this mode the system will automatically choose for your system the best available frequency, and the system will start working on this frequency. No need to do anything further.

A great option to choose from if you are going to fly with your one for your friend. As of the nature of FPV fast flying back and forth, and the fact that the video transmission are being started and stopped very frequently, it isn’t effective enough in multi system environment, and specifically, when you have other analog systems around (we found out that many times, these analog systems aren’t working according to regulations, interfering with adjustment channels, and so on).

  1. 'ProSight Bands' – This is a fixed frequency mode that is great for working with more than two systems in parallel or more, and specifically good for working with Analog systems around (as these are ‘digital’ frequencies, that analog systems aren’t supposed to be using). The number of ProSight bands defer according to regulations (units that were bought in different countries may have different regulation settings).

  2. 'Fixed Frequency' - This is the ‘regular’ fixed frequency mode. Allowing you to fix a frequency to each system according to regulations, it supports similar frequencies to the ones analog systems are using.


Note: The 'ProSight Bands' and 'Fixed Frequency' will be changed when using different 'Regional RF' settings (under 'Setup' on the ProSight menu)

When working with multi-system, we recommend following the next steps -

  1. Start by configuring the Rxs to the 'ProSight Bands' you have - each Rx should get different ProSight band (A, B, C or D - depends on the regulation settings of the unit). No problem using all of these one next to each other.

  2. After configuring all ProSight bands, if you need to setup more Rx, please start configuring different Fixed Frequency to each Rx. It is always better to use as much gap as you can between each Fixed Frequency, but in general it is a must (and enough) to keep 20MHz between one ProSight link to another.

  3. When powering up the units, first power up the Rxs with the ProSight bands. As of regulations requirement on these ‘digital’ channels, they need to first scan the frequency before finally setting on it. Only when the 'SCAN' OSD is changed to 'PS X' (see images below) on all the ProSight bands Rxs, you should power up the Fixed Frequency Rxs

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