Installing and Wiring the HD Receiver

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This section reviews the tasks associated with installing the HD receiver.

A - Connecting Antennas

To connect the HD Receiver Antennas to the HD receiver:

  1. Connect the five antennas (1) to the five antenna connectors (2).

  2. To avoid interference, place the HD receiver Antennas as far as possible from other transceiver devices, especially transmitters in the 5 GHz band.



When using multiple ProSight units on the same area:

  • The distance between two adjacent receivers should be at least one meter.

  • To avoid interference, verify that the distance between your receiver and other transmitters is at least four meters.

  • For configuration purposes: the distance between the receiver and its paired transmitter should be 1–10 meters.

B - Connecting the HD Receiver Case

Fasten the case to the HD receiver.

C - Mounting the HD Receiver

  1. Place the HD receiver as high as possible on a tripod, pole or any other mounting device. A height of 2 meters off the ground is optimal.

  2. Place the HD receiver so that its antennas are facing upwards in the general direction of the drone’s flight.

Wiring the HD Receiver

This section describes the required wiring for the HD receiver.

A -Connecting to FPV Goggles/Monitor

To display the received video, connect the HDMI Cable to the HD receiver HDMI port (1) and the other end to the FPV goggles/monitor HDMI port.

B -Connecting to Power

To connect the HD receiver to a power source:

  1. Connect the HD Reciever Power Cable to the HD receiver power port (1) and the other end to a power source.

  2. Verify that the Network LED (2) on the HD receiver blinks for a few seconds and then stays lit.


Tip: The HD receiver can be connected directly to the battery.


Tip: The HD receiver is compatible with 7V to 17V, or 2S to 4S batteries.

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