Wiring the HD transmitter

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This section reviews the tasks associated with wiring the HD transmitter.

A -Connecting to Camera

Connect the Camera Cable to the HD transmitter video input port (2) and the other end to the camera video output port (1).


Note: Keep the camera cable as far as possible from any high power cables and ESCs.


Note: When connecting or disconnecting the HD transmitter to the camera cable, make sure the connector is inserted or extracted straight and not in an angle. Visually inspect that all pins inside the connectors are straight before connecting.

B - Connecting to Flight Controller

Wiring Telemetry Cable

Connect the CC3D Telemetry Cable or the Naze Telemetry Cable to the HD transmitter telemetry port (1) and the other end as to the flight controller as follows:

  • Connect the fourth wire (2) to the flight controller UART Tx port

  • Connect the third wire (3) to the flight controller UART GND port.

Configuring the Flight Controller


Important: The flight controller must have CleanFlight version 1.13 or later.

  1. Connect MAVLink to the appropriate UART (MAVLink output port) of the flight controller.

  2. Burn the CleanFlight version (version 1.13 and above).

  3. Open the CleanFlight configurator and connect to Flight Controller.

  4. Under Other Features, enable TELEMETRY.

  5. Press Save and Reboot.

  6. Go to CLI.

  7. Write serial to see all serial ports available. Ports 0,1,2 are HW UART.

  8. Write the following line: serial 1 256 115200 57600 57600 115200.

    • 1 – is the HW UART port

    • 256 – will cause the FC to use MAVLink on port 31

    • 57600 – is the UART’s baudrate

  9. Type save to save and reboot.

OSD Information Delivered from Flight Controller

Telemetry information delivered from the flight controller includes:

  • Flight duration – time starts counting when the drone is armed

  • Heading:

    • When GPS is available – displays heading

    • When GPS is unavailable – displays yaw

  • Battery capacity – only if there is a current sensor

  • Flight controller mode


Tip: For more information on telemetry data, see Setting OSD Overlays.

C - Connecting to a Power Source

Connect the HD Transmitter Power Cable  to the HD transmitter power socket (1) and the other end to the power source.


Note: Be sure to connect the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole of the power source.


Note: The HD transmitter can be connected directly to the battery. It is compatible with 7V to 17V, or 2S to 4S batteries.

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