Connecting to a Transmitter

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This section reviews the tasks associated with connecting to the paired HD transmitter (located on your drone) or to transmitters on other drones.

Connecting to MyDrone

To connect to your paired HD transmitter:

  1. Select Main menu> Search Drone

  2. Select Paired: [Transmitter Name] to connect the HD receiver to the paired HD transmitter.


Tip: Select Back to return to the Main Menu.


Tip: If the HD receiver and HD transmitter are not paired, see Pairing HD Transmitter and Receiver.


Tip: The HD receiver automatically connects to its paired transmitter upon power on (there is no need for OSD selection).

Connecting to Other Drones

To connect as a viewer to an HD transmitter located on another drone, search for a drone in one of the following ways:

  • Search other drones by name

  • Search other drones by frequency

Searching For Drones By Name

To search for other drones by name:

  1. Select Main menu > Search Drone > Other Drones by Name.

  2. Select an HD transmitter from the displayed list.

Searching For Drones By Frequency

To search for other drones by frequency:

  1. Select Main menu > Search Drone > Other Drones by Freq.

  2. Select one of the following options:

    * Manual Frequency - displays a list of available frequencies to select from

    * R-Band – displays a list of frequencies within a spectrum used by analog video transmitters

  3. To connect to the selected frequency, select Connect To: [Frequency] (1).

    While the connection is being established, the following message is displayed:

    Connecting to [frequency] ... Press Select to abort.


Tip: Unavailable transmitters are grayed out.


Tip: Select Back to return to the Main menu


Tip: When connection to the HD transmitter is lost, the following message appears on the screen: Searching for [Transmitter Name].

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