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This article details the new features implemented in the new 1.4 FW version of ProSight, lists the fixed bugs and report the known issues. 

New Features

  • New camera support, in 25MHz BW.

ProSight 1.4 FW version supports the new, full 720p60, HX camera. 720p60 wireless video transmission requires 25MHz BW, instead of 13MHz BW used by ProSight with the legacy Black camera.

  • Spectrum analyzer

ProSight 1.4 FW version supports a built in spectrum analyzer feature, which is operated by your mobile smartphone.

Use the spectrum analyzer to detect RF interference and select the best channels when setting up your race or FPV event.

  • Radio interference indication

 ProSight 1.4 FW version has a built in interference alert notification.

Once detected (even if the interference is weak and does not affect video quality in short range), a "!" mark will be displayed next to the link indication bar.

  • New resolution for broadcasters: 720p50Hz

ProSight 1.4 FW version now supports standard broadcasting equipment at 720p50Hz resolution.

You can now use the video feed from ProSight directly in your live broadcast.

Note: This feature can only be used with the ProSight HX camera.

  • ProSight logo was removed from race mode. 

Bugs fixed

  • Minor bug fixes.  

Known issues

  • When restoring to factory settings by using the "restore settings" in your PC or mobile application:

    • Camera setting will also be restored to ProSight default camera.

    • Re-registration is required between HD transmitter and HD receiver. 

  • When the ProSight receiver is set to "viewer mode", you may not have telemetry, if the FW is not compatible with the ProSight transmitter.

  • After changing "ProSight transmitter name", you should re-register the ProSight transmitter and receiver, in order to see the new configured name on the receiver.

  • In some screens or goggles, a "searching for Tx" message on top of the video may appear for a second or two, before it goes away. When using the HX camera, there are no available frequencies in Japan ATV region.

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