Frequency Management

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CONNEX ProSight is a digital system, allowing bi-directional communication between the HD transmitter and its paired HD receiver. When the HD receiver is connected to a transmitter as a viewer (see Connecting to Other Drones), frequency management is disabled.

Frequency management is performed on the HD receiver, in one of the following ways:

Selecting Frequency Mode via OSD


Tip: Frequency management is possible only when the HD receiver is connected to its paired HD transmitter.

To select frequency mode:

  1. Select Main Menu > Frequency Mode.

  2. Select one of the following modes:

    • Auto (see Below)

    • Fixed:

      • ProSight Bands (see below)

      • Fixed Frequency (see below)

      • R-Band (see below)


In Auto mode, the system constantly searches for the optimal frequency. When the system detects interference with the current frequency, it instructs both the transmitter and receiver to seamlessly switch to an alternate frequency. This change is done instantly, without any visual effect or video degradation.


Fixed frequency includes three options: ProSight Bands, Fixed Frequency, and R-Band.

ProSight Bands

This mode enables selecting a race set. Each set consists of two frequencies within the DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) spectrum. The system scans to verify that there is no interference with other broadcasting devices and will switch between the two frequencies when required.

Fixed Frequency

This option enables selecting from a list of frequencies (the list changes according to region). Once a certain frequency is selected, the HD transmitter uses the selected frequency only. In this mode, the system does not change its frequency, even when communication is lost or when interference with other systems is detected.

To select a fixed frequency:

  1. Select Main Menu> Set Frequency > Fixed Frequency.

  2. Select a frequency from the displayed list.



Tip: Select Back to return to the Main Menu.


This option enables selecting from a list of frequencies within a spectrum used by analog video transmitters.

To select from the R-Band list:

  1. Select Main Menu> Set Frequency > R-Band.

  2. Select the relevant R-Band from the displayed list.

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