Troubleshooting ProSight

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The following article details the behavior of the ProSight system during various use cases, listing the expected video behavior and OSD (On-Screen-Display) messages.

Power source issue:

In case of power source issue, either having too low voltage or disconnected, the “Camera Disconnected” OSD message will appear:


Please validate the power source voltage. Battery voltage is presented via telemetry information provided by ProSight.

ProSight Camera disconnect:

In case the ProSight camera cable gets detached, one can expect the following video behavior:


After disconnecting the power source, make sure that the MIPI Cable between the HD transmitter and the camera is firmly attached.

RF Signal Interference:

When other 5.8 GHz systems (ProSight or Analog) use the same frequency and create signal interference, the ProSight video may look like this:

In order to solve this issue, please refer to the following article: Multi-System With CONNEX ProSight

Video behavior when reaching range limits:

The following video demonstrates the video behavior when approaching and going beyond the ProSight system’s range limit:

The link range depends on the flight scenario and may vary according to extreme flight maneuvers and antennas setup.


Please be aware to follow the antenna guidelines in order to achieve the best range and video quality performance:

Antenna Guidelines

Black Screen on Goggles:

If you encounter any of the following issues:

  • Black screen on your goggles

  • Sudden video drops

We recommend to check your HDMI cable, connecting the HD receiver to your goggles/monitor. If you have a recorder in-between the HD receiver and the goggles, please check both cables, or connect the HD receiver directly to your goggles.

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