ProSight 1.2 FW Revision Release Notes

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This article details the new features implemented in the new 1.2 FW version of ProSight, lists the fixed bugs and report the known issues.

New Features

  • HP+ Mode

Offering enhanced video quality, while offering 60fps video output. This option requires a dedicated lens, different from the default ProSight lens. The new lens is available at selected ProSight re-sellers.

  • ProSight Logo Changed

The ProSight logo color was changed to Gray, so red color is now dedicated to warnings, such as weak link indication.

  • Configuration Menus Changed

The main menu and sub menus order were changed, so camera setup can be reached in two steps.

Bugs fixed

  • Minor bug fixes.

Known issues

  • On rare occasions, the video might appear extremely noisy right after boot up or pairing. This issue can be solved by power cycling the HD receiver.

  • On rare occasions, the Flicker Filter mode, Night mode and Video mode will not be changed after choosing the desired mode. The mode will be changed after another attempt.

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