Configuration Using the ProSight Desktop Application

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This article describes the CONNEX ProSight mobile application and includes:


The ProSight desktop application supports OSX (MAC) or Windows 7 and up.

Installing the Desktop Application

Download the CONNEX ProSight desktop application (see Software Update Tool ).

Connecting to the HD Transmitter and Receiver

  1. Start the ProSight desktop application.

    When starting the application, and before communication is established,

    the application displays a NO USB CONNECTION message.

  2. Connect the Micro USB Cable between the HD receiver micro USB port (1) and the computer USB port. The application’s main screen opens.

Upgrading Firmware


Tip: Before performing firmware upgrade, connect to the Internet.

When a newer firmware version is available, the UPGRADE button (1) appears. To upgrade the firmware of the connected ProSight device, click the UPGRADE button (1). The firmware upgrade process is performed automatically to the latest firmware version.

Editing Device Name

Click the EDIT button (1) to edit the device name.

Restoring Factory Configuration Settings

To revert to the default factory settings, click the RESTORE button (1).

A dialog box is displayed. Click OK to revert to factory configuration.

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