iOS and Android RMT Known Issues

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The following issues has low probability of happening in most iOS and android devices. If you do encounter one of these problem, please follow the steps listed at the end of this article.

  • After entering the pairing code on the phone, the Application might ask you to re-enter the pin and says a “wrong pin”. This is just a message, and pairing between the phone and Receiver is complete.

  • An already paired Receiver might still appear on the list. The list takes a few seconds to refresh.

  • When there is a new software update, and clicking the information icon, there is no message that asks for upgrading.

  • Automatic re-connection to a registered Receiver doesn’t work.

  • Re-pairing to a removed receiver doesn’t work.

  • After re-connecting to an already paired device, connection has succeeded, but the spinning icon keeps spinning, like the connection didn’t succeeded.

  • After changing a device name on an RMT desktop tool, the old name is still shown on the mobile tool.

  • A receiver is on both the “connected” list and the “around me” list.

  • Device information does not appear after clicking the information icon.

In order to solve these issues please do the following steps. After each step, please check if the problem is solved:

  1. Restart the RMT application.

  2. Restart the Receiver.

  3. Un-pair the receiver from the app (click “remove”) and re-pair it.

  4. Un-pair the receiver from the phone system (click “remove”) and re-pair it.

  5. Restart Bluetooth on both receiver and phone.

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