OSD operation and main menus

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Unit configuration is performed via the on-screen display (OSD) setup menu. The following sections describe OSD control and functionality.


  • Verify that the HD receiver is powered on.

  • Verify that the HD receiver is paired with the HD transmitter (see Pairing HD Transmitter and Receiver).

  • Verify that the monitor or FPV goggles are connected to the HD receiver and are powered on.

  • Verify that the HD transmitter is powered on in order for all functions to be available.

Navigating in OSD Menus

Use the following buttons on the HD receiver to navigate through the OSD menu options:

  • NEXT (1)

  • SEL (2)

  • MENU (3)

HD receiver button functionality:

  • NEXT (1) - moves the cursor between menu options.

  • SEL (2) - selects the marked option.

  • MENU (3) - displays the main menu or turns the OSD menu on the main menu OFF.


Tip: Navigation can be done using the mobile device (see Configuration using ProSight Mobile Application).

Switching between OSD Modes

Clicking the Menu button (1) toggles between the following OSD display modes:

  • OSD Telemetry (2) – displays the selected OSD viewing mode (see Setting OSD Overlays).

  • OSD Menu (3) – initiates OSD programming and displays the Main Menu.

OSD Menu Interface

A typical menu interface includes the following:

  • Menu title line (1)

  • Menu items – up to 4 items can be displayed at a time.

    • Cursor (2) – indicates a selection point. Use the Next button to move down the list, and the SEL button to select a menu option or a parameter.

    • Active parameter (3) – indicates the current selected parameter.

  • Scroll bar (4) – appears when there are more than 4 menu items on a list.


Tip: Disabled menu items are grayed out (3).

Main Menu

The main menu includes the following sub-menus:

  • Search Drone – enables Connecting to a transmitter

  • Frequency Mode – enablesFrequency Management

  • Recorder Status – displays the status of the recorder (grayed out when the recorder is not connected)

  • Setup – enables settings configuration

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