Installing the HD camera

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Mounting the Camera

Mount the camera on the front of the drone mounting plate. The rubber vibration dampers serve as shock absorbers and help reduce the “Jello” effect in the incoming video.

  1. Insert the rubber dampers (3) through the mounting holes in the camera base (2) and in the drone mounting plate (1). 

  2. Secure the damper pins (4) and locking clips (5).


    Tip: The camera can be installed using screws instead of dampers.

  3. Release the two screws (1) - See left figure on image.

  4. Set the angle of the camera or flip it 180º, and fasten the two screws (1) - See right figure on previous image).


Tip: The camera image can also be flipped by applying an OSD command (see Flipping the Camera Image ).

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