Installing the HD Transmitter Antennas

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Tip: If you decide to design your own antenna fixture, we recommend following the LCONNEX ProSight Antenna Guidelines 1.0.

A - Connecting the Antenna to the Drone

  1. Verify the antenna cables (1) are inserted in the base groove (3).

  2. Place the antenna on the rear side of the drone mounting plate.

  3. Fasten the antenna base to the drone with four screws (1) using washers (2) and nuts (3).


Tip: The antenna can be connected to the drone using zip ties instead of screws.

B - Connecting Antenna to HD Transmitter

  1. Route the antenna cables from the base of the antenna holder to the HD transmitter (3).

  2. Connect the two HD Transmitter Antennas (1) to the coax sockets (2).

  3. Secure the antenna cables.


Note: Be sure the antenna cable loop is maintained. The cable’s minimum bend radius is 5mm.

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