CONNEX - Approaching Range Limit Behavior (Video)

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This video demonstrates the behavior of CONNEX when approaching and going beyond the system range limit.

CONNEX was designed to reach up to 1,000 meters (LOS) with a resolution of up to 1080p 60Hz.

When reaching a distance of 1,100 meters between the Air and Ground units, an OSD message is shown on the screen: 'Approached Range Limit'.

If the user does not reduce the range to below 1,100 meters within 30 seconds, the video signal is turned OFF, while retaining the wireless link and gimbal control.

When the range is reduced to below 1,100 meters, the video resumes.

In this video we were using CONNEX to link between a GoPro Hero3 to an Atomos Ninja Blade (The Resolution was set according to the maximum supported Atomos Ninja resolution - 1080p30).

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