CONNEX with Zenmuse Z15 GH4

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This article describes the configuration options when using CONNEX with Zenmuse Z15 GH4 gimbal.

When working with Zenmuse Z15 with GH4 you have two options:

  1. Assembling CONNEX on the drone (and not on the gimbal itself - click here for the video) - This option gives you the ability to transmit your HD video and telemetry to the Ground Unit using CONNEX Air Unit. The GH4 will be connected to the Air Unit using micro-to-mini HDMI cable and the flight controller will be connected to the Air Unit using the telemetry cable (Mavlink/CAN-BUS). All cables are supplied with CONNEX. Please note that this configuration does not allow you to use the 360 rotation of the gimbal as the HDMI cable is connected between CONNEX Air Unit that located on the drone itself to the GH4.

  2. Assembling CONNEX on the Zenmuse Z15 gimbal itself using our Aluminum made mounting kit (click here for the video). The Air Unit gets its power through the gimbal using power cable supplied with CONNEX. Note that in this configuration you will enjoy the 360 rotation of the gimbal but you cannot use the telemetry as you cannot connect the telemetry cable from the Air Unit to your flight controller (it will disturb the rotation).

GH4 camera configuration

Each monitor supports a variety of resolutions, but there are cases that the camera outputs a resolution that the monitor doesn't support. In case the monitor doesn't support the resolution of GH4 you will get 'Video Signal Not Detected' message. In order to change the resolution on the GH4 please follow the following steps:

  1. Connect the GH4 to the Air Unit and the Ground Unit to the monitor

  2. On the GH4 - Press 'MENU'

  3. Go to 'SETUP' tab

  4. Under the 'SETUP' tab, find 'System Frequency' and try different frequencies (you have 59.94Hz, 50Hz and 24Hz)

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