I have no image on my display. Is this an issues with CONNEX?

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When connecting the Ground Unit HDMI output to your screen, no picture appears.

In this article we will address possible reasons and possible solutions.

Background information

In order to operate a full video link, there are four main elements:

  • Source = HDMI output Camera

  • Air Unit = HDMI input to RF transmitter

  • Ground Unit = RF Receiver to HDMI output

  • Sink = HDMI input Display

When all four elements are working, the Ground Unit reads the EDID of the Display (describing the display video resolutions support) and transfers it through the Air Unit to the Source. Usually the Source is capable of changing the video resolution according to the Display EDID. If the Display does not support 1080p60, then the source will reduce the video resolution to 1080p30, 1080i60 or 720p60.

When the Source or the Air Unit are powered off or disconnected, the video link behaves differently: The Ground Unit shows a basic video containing the CONNEX logo and the "Searching for Air Unit" message.

The video generated is in one of three video resolutions: 1080p 60Hz, 720p 60Hz or 480p 60Hz.

The output resolution is set according to the last resolution used by the Air Unit. For example:

  • If the last resolution displayed is1080p 25Hz - when when the Air Unit is turned off, the synthetic video will be displayed at 1080p 60Hz.

  • If the last resolution displayed is 1080i 50Hz - when the Air Unit is turned off, the synthetic video will be displayed at 720p 60Hz.

Possible Reasons for Problem

There are several possible reasons for the display not to show video:

  • Power - Check if the power unit is powering both the Ground Unit and the Display

  • Are both units powered "On"?

  • Are all the HDMI cables connected properly?

  • Are the HDMI cables functional?

  • Important note: If the used Display does not support 1080p 60Hz, it may not display the Ground Unit synthetic video output when the Air Unit or Source are powered off or disconnected.

Suggested Solutions

Try the following solutions to fix the display problem:

  • Connect all four elements (Camera, Air Unit, Ground Unit, Display) to a power unit and confirm each element is turned on.

  • Ensure all HDMI cables are connected and they are all functional

  • Operate the system with all four elements working. This will ensure the Camera is getting the EDID information from the display and that it changes the video resolution to match the Display capabilities.

Is it Working Now?

If you still cannot see video even when all four elements are functional, ensure you can see the video when connecting the Camera to the Display directly with the HDMI cable, without the CONNEX Air and Ground Units. If there is still a problem, it is not related to the CONNEX system and requires further investigation of the Camera and Display.

If you see video on the Display when all four elements are connected, but cannot see the video when the Air Unit and/or Camera are powered off (or disconnected), this is because the Ground Unit is outputting a resolution that is not supported by the Display. Most likely this is 1080p60, while the display supports only 1080p30.

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