CONNEX Firmware Update 2.1

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CONNEX Firmware Version 2.1 fixes a minor issue found in Version 2.0 that may appear in some progressive video resolutions.

Other than this fix, Version 2.1 is the same as Version 2.0, which adds more features, better connectivity with drone flight controllers and increase the system robustness.

All CONNEX units can be upgraded.

Improved CONNEX flexibility to connect with multiple drones and systems

  • Support for DJI A2 and Naza flight controllers (on top of 3RD flight controllers)

  • Support for PPM trainer port channels (on top of SBUS support)

Enhanced system features, including higher robustness:

  • New Fail Safe definition to each remote channel

  • Enhanced OSD features

  • Enhanced Multicast robustness

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