Does CONNEX accumulate telemetry information?

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CONNEX currently receives telemetry information from flight controllers that support the MAVLink protocol and CAN-BUS.

The Air unit has a Mavlink Telemetry input port and CAN-BUS telemetry input port for receiving the flight controller signals.

The telemetry information includes:

  • CONNEX link information: Air unit power indicator, signal strength indicator, video resolution and LOS distance between the Air and Ground units.

  • Flight controller information: Drone battery voltage, flight mode, number of connected GPS satellite, flight mode, ground speed, YAW and height.

  • For detailed description please refer to Telemetry Fields and OSD Provided by CONNEX.

All the telemetry information is clearly displayed on the Ground unit.

When the Air unit telemetry cable is not connected to the flight controller, the telemetry information will be limited to the CONNEX link information.

The OSD (On Screen Display) push-button located on the Ground Unit is used to turn the OSD telemetry On/Off.

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