Connecting the CTRL Port for CAN bus Telemetry (CONNEX mini)

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The following procedure describes how to connect the Air Unit CTRL port to the drone’s CAN bus flight controller so the Ground Unit monitor can display information received from the drone’s flight controller overlaid on the video (such as flight mode, number of connected GPS satellites, speed, height, orientation and more).

CONNEX mini supports both MAVLink telemetry and CAN bus telemetry. Verify that you are using the cable that is relevant for the telemetry option you are using.

To connect the CTRL port for CAN bus telemetry:

  • Connect the Air Unit CTRL port to the drone using the provided Air Unit CAN bus Telemetry and S.BUS cable.

    The middle connector of this cable goes into the Air Unit CTRL port.

    The CAN bus male connector of the cable goes into the Telemetry port of the flight controller on the drone.

    The female end is used to connect additional devices to the CAN bus.

    The upper S.BUS port is used to control the drone camera gimbal.


Note: Not all flight controllers are supported. For a list of tested models, refer to Supported Remote Controls, Gimbals and Telemetry Flight Controllers.

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