Using power cables not supplied with CONNEX

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You may need to use different power cables than those supplied with your CONNEX units. For example, you may have different connector types which require different cables. This article provides advice and safeguards to ensure external cables do not harm your units.

The CONNEX Air and Ground units have reverse polarity protection. This means that if you accidentally reverse the Power and Ground cables, the units will not burn.

However, if you need to use external power cables, note the following:

If you apply reversed polarity voltage to the unit you must ensure no other cables are connected to it. Otherwise, it may cause irreversible damage to the board. This will also cause your warranty to be null and void.

Therefore, if you need to use a power cable that was not supplied by AMIMON, it is strongly advised that you follow these steps to verify proper voltage polarity settings:

  1. Disconnect all cables (including HDMI, S.BUS/CANBUS, telemetry, Power)

  2. Connect only the actual power source.

  3. Turn the unit on.

  4. Make sure the power LED is lit.

If, and only if, the power is ON, you can continue and connect the other cables (HDMI, S.BUS/CANBUS and telemetry). Otherwise, check the power connection and polarity.

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