CONNEX Management Application Tool - Quick Start

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The CONNEX Management Application Tool is used to:

  1. Perform firmware upgrades

  2. Configure the CONNEX link parameters

  3. Configure the Fail Safe parameters

The Application Tool can be downloaded from

'Firmware Upgrade' Tab

Once installed, connect the Air or Ground units to the USB port and run the CONNEX application.

Once the application detects the CONNEX unit, it will automatically send a query to AMIMON's software server to check for an updated firmware version.

If required, the new firmware will be installed automatically to your Air or Ground Unit. Make sure to upgrade both, otherwise they my not link.

'Link Configuration' tab

The CONNEX application allows configuration of the CONNEX link parameters:

  1. Channel mode:

    • "High Quality" - Full HD, 1080p60 over 40MHz of RF bandwidth, or,

    • "Stability Boost" - Up to 1080i60 over 20MHz of RF bandwidth

  2. SBUS output rate:

    • 6.3mSec, or,

    • 15mSec.

  3. Regional settings:

    • In Europe:

      • "Indoor", or,

      • "Air to Ground"

    • In Japan and China:

      • "Indoor", or,

      • "Outdoor"

  4. Ground Units Management:

    List of the registered Ground Units and the ability to un-register each one.

    The CONNEX Air unit can be paired with up to four Ground units.


Note: The 'Link Configuration' tab will only appear when connecting the Air Unit. It is not visible when connecting the Ground Unit.

Detailed description

'Link Parameters' section:

The first selection box is for choosing between:

  • "High Quality" - for best video performance

    • This is the system's default mode.

    • We recommend to use it for most cases.

    • working on 40MHz RF channel bandwidth,

    • with video support for Full HD - up to 1080p60

  • "Stability Boost" - for improving the link robustness

    • Recommended to use in rough non-line-of-site scenarios

    • working on 20MHz RF channel bandwidth,

    • with video support for HD - up to 1080i60, 1080p30 or 720p60

The second selection box is for manually setting the out-coming S.BUS bit-rate. You can choose 6.3ms or 15ms.

In most cases we recommend not to use it, as the default configuration will be accurate.

The third selection box will appear only for the European, Chinese and Japanese region is for setting the unit operational mode according to its use.


It's purpose is to meet the European SRD regulations. For more information, please see Does CONNEX meet the European SRD regulations? .

Japan and Korea:

'Registered Receivers' section

In this section, you can find a list of your registered receivers (up to 4). You can choose between unregister a specific device or unregister all devices. For more detailed explanation please refer to How to Unregister CONNEX Air Units from the Ground Units.

'Fail Safe' tab

The 'Fail Safe' tab allows setting of the 'fail safe value' per channel.

The set value is transmitted onto the channel (servo or other control) when/if the RC wireless uplink is broken.

'Fail Safe Parameters' section

The user can set the Fail Safe 'Timeout' value to 1, 2 or 3 seconds. This value is used to determine for the Air Unit within what time of communication lost should it apply the Fail Safe values onto its output.

'Channel Settings' section

Each channel (out of 16) can be set to either:

  • "Hold" = Keep using the latest value, prior to the communication lost

  • Set” = Value in % from -100 to +100


Important: AMIMON spec and recommends to utilize the CONNEX link for Gimbal control ONLY and NOT for full drone control

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