Does CONNEX meet the European SRD regulations?

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CONNEX has specific RF settings for each region. In Europe, there are 2 operational modes:

  • Air To Ground - Used in the SRD higher 5.8GHz band (Short Range Devices, 5725MHz - 5875MHz), with low output power of 25mW (default).

  • Indoor - Uses the lower band and DFS frequencies, with relatively higher output power of 200mW.

Ensure you select the frequency setting that complies with the local RF regulations in the region in which you are operating.

To configure CONNEX for either mode:

  1. Connect the CONNEX Air Unit to your PC using the micro USB cable provided in your CONNEX box.

  2. Go to the Link Configuration tab.

  3. Under 'Link Parameters', go to the last list box and select the appropriate Operational Mode.

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