Can I Increase Range with Specialized Antennas?

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CONNEX supports a wireless link range of more than 1000 meters when using the optimum antenna settings. It is possible to exceed this range with specialized high-gain antennas.

However, the video link limit range of 1000 meters is a software limitation. Once exceeding above around 1100 meters, the the "Approached Range Limit" message appears and the video will cut within 30 seconds. The link may still be alive (assuming a perfect antenna settings), but the video will return only when the range dips below 1100 meters.

When working with high gain antennas within the 1000 meters range, it is possible to get extra gain for scenarios that are not perfect line-of-sight, so the system can be used within the 1000 meters range in more rigorous conditions. Keep in mind that any change in antennas may affect the local regulations of CONNEX.

Please refer to the following video to see the product's behavior when approaching range limits:Approaching Range Limit Behavior

AMIMON has tested the original antennas and was able to reach 1000 meters using those antennas in line-of-sight conditions.

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