CONNEX firmware 2.0 - Detailed Features Description

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CONNEX firmware version 2.0 include several new system capabilities. The detailed description of each new feature is described in this article.

(See Chinese & Korean versions attached at the end)

  1. Support for A2 and NAZA telemetry

    • CONNEX now adds the support for telemetry input from DJI’s A2 and Naza flight controllers

    • New Canbus cable is included in the CONNEX package (for the Air Unit)

  2. Support for PPM channels

    • The Ground Unit “trainer port input” is now capable to receive either SBUS or PPM input, allowing greater variety of RC units

    • Additional PPM cable is included in the CONNEX package (for the Ground Unit)

  3. Support for “Fail Safe”

    • A new tab is added to the CONNEX application tool: “Fail Safe Setting”, allowing to set the fail safe value per channel.

    • AMIMON recommends to utilize the CONNEX link for Gimbal control ONLY and NOT for full drone control

  4. Improved screen resolution (EDID) support

    • When the Air Unit is not connected, the Ground Unit output resolution will be set according to the screen's EDID

    • When using a single display (only one Ground Unit is registered with the Air Unit) - the video link resolution will reflect the latest screen's EDID

      (Rather than displaying the highest common resolution aggregated from all displays’ EDID information)

    • GoPro3 is now fully supported (bug fix)

  5. Improved immunity to interferences by other 5GHz systems

    • The channel selection mechanism was improved to allow higher link robustness in environments that are shared with other 5GHz systems

    • The increased robustness allows better system performance and improved range measurement

  6. Improved OSD Telemetry fields

    • Home Arrow - Presents the direction of the current drone’s GPS reading vs. “Home Location” position

    • CONNEX sets the “Home location” to be the GPS reading prior to the drone’s take-off. The take off is determined according to specific engines RPM.

    • The “Home Arrow” icon has 45 degrees resolution, while the numeric value has 1 degree resolution

    • YAW orientation - The “Vertical Speed” telemetry was replaced with YAW reading

    • The new OSD telemetry fields work with both Mavlink (3DR) and Canbus (DJI) flight controllers.

  7. Improved Multicast Performance

    • The Air Unit now performs uplink antennas diversity in multicast mode

    • Every Ground Unit that is registered with the Air Unit can control the Gimbal.

      For best Gimbal control performance, AMIMON recommends having no more than two Ground Units registered with the Air Unit

  8. Removal of specific Ground Units

    • The user can now selectively remove single Ground Unit from the Air Unit registration

    • In previous SW version the user was only able to unregister (remove from the list) all Ground units from the Air Unit.

  9. OSD notification for firmware version mismatch between Air and Ground Units

    • Both CONNEX Air and Ground Units should have the same firmware version.

    • After power-up, the user will get 10 seconds OSD message notification if the firmware version in the Air and Ground units mismatch

    • CONNEX is not expected to function with different FW versions on Air and Ground units, so users are expected to upgrade both sides

  10. SBUS “Auto” mode is replaced with “6.3mSec” default

    • The “Auto” mode is no longer relevant and the default SBUS system mode is set to 6.3mSec

    • The user is not required to change any previous settings he/she may have done before the upgrade

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