Regional Settings

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This article explains regional settings and how they affect working with the CONNEX devices.

Every CONNEX family device is allocated to a region, and must comply with the communications regulations for that particular region:

  • FCC in the US

  • CE in Europe

  • MIC in Japan

  • KCC in Korea

  • ACMA in Australia and New Zealand

  • SARFT in China

Since each region works with its own set of frequencies and has its own regulations, devices that are allocated to different regions CANNOT be linked. For example, an Air Unit for the US cannot be linked with a Ground Unit for Europe.

Once a device is allocated to a certain region, it cannot be allocated to a different one. To verify the regional allocation of a given unit, connect the unit to the CONNEX Management tool and check the regional code in the Product frame of the Firmware Upgrade tab. The example below shows a device that is allocated to the European region:

For more information about the Management tool, see CONNEX Management Application.

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