Best practice installation guidelines for optimal video quality and range

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These guidelines can ensure you get the best performance from CONNEX:

Avoid other 5GHz or 5.8GHz radios

  • Using other 5GHz or 5.8GHz radios (for telemetry or analog video) will lower the effective range of the CONNEX.

  • If you cannot avoid an additional link - try to distance the transmitter as much as possible from both Air and Ground units.

Setting Optimal Line-of-Sight Conditions

When you operate at optimal line-of-sight conditions and with the recommended antenna positioning, the CONNEX system will work for up to 1000 Meters (0.6 Miles).

Setup the Air Unit antennas for best reception:

  • You should use the two antenna holding brackets for positioning of the Air Unit antennas:

    • Keep the antennas 2" (5cm) away from any metal or carbon element

    • Maintain at least 2" (5cm) between the antennas

  • Put the Air Unit antennas facing down with 90 degrees between them (see both of the following pictures):

    • Note that when you put the antennas on top of the drone, the signal may be partially blocked by the drone itself.

    • Put the antennas as low as possible, so the drone's parts do not block the signal.

  • If you place the antennas on the landing gear, notice that some drones have retracting gear, so make sure the antennas are vertical (facing down) when the gear is up, during flight

Setup the Ground Unit antennas for best reception

  • The 5 Ground Unit antennas perform better if they are all facing (one beside the other) the drone and not in a row (one behind the other).

  • Keep all Ground Unit antennas pointing upwards, so they are parallel to the Air Unit antennas.

When Operating in Non Line-of-Sight Conditions

When working in a non-line-of-sight scenario, you may want to use an "extra-robust link". However, the price is a potential reduction in video quality:

  • Setup the link for "Stability boost". This increases range, using 20MHz of RF bandwidth (instead of 40MHz) – but it will not support 1080p60. The maximum resolution will be reduced to 1080p24/25 or 1080i50/60.

  • Keep in mind that while using this mode you should expect lower video quality, even if you are using 1080i50. We advise to use this mode only if you find the link's range to be insufficient.

  • The CONNEX is delivered at the default state of "High Quality". To change it use the CONNEX Application. You can download it here. The relevant screenshot is below:

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