Configuring Fail Safe Parameters (Android)

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The Control Configuration tab of the Management application allows you to set the parameters that are applied when the remote control wireless uplink is broken. The parameters are described in the table below the diagram.




Timeout: Determines the length of time (in seconds) between losing communication and applying Fail Safe values onto the output of the Air Unit.


S.BUS Rate: Specifies the data rate of the S.BUS link between the Ground Unit and the Air Unit that controls the Air Unit’s camera gimbal. By default, the data rate of the S.BUS remote control is 6.3mSec (FASSTest 12CH).


Channel Settings: Determines the position of the gimbal following a loss of communication. Each channel can be set to:

  • Hold: The most recent value (prior to the communication loss) is maintained.

  • Set: A new value is used. Values are configured in % (from -100 to +100).


IMPORTANT: It is recommended to utilize the CONNEX link for gimbal control ONLY and NOT for full drone control.

To set Fail Safe parameters:

  1. Make sure that the mobile device on which the CONNEX Management application is installed is connected to the Air Unit via a USB to Micro USB cable and is connected to the Internet.

  2. Launch the CONNEX Management application, and navigate to the Control Configuration tab.

  3. From the Timeout dropdown menu, select the relevant option (1, 2, or 3 seconds).

  4. If required, manually set the outgoing S.BUS bit-rate by selecting one of the following S.BUS Rate modes:

    • Auto: 15m sec: FASSTest 18CH or T-FHSS Mode. The S.BUS rate is received and sampled from the remote control trainer port. The Air Unit then automatically outputs the same S.BUS rate.

    • 6.3m sec: FASSTest 12CH Mode.

  5. For each channel in the Channel Settings frame, select either the Hold or Set radio button.

    If you select the Set radio button, enter the required value in the field in the Data column. Values are configured in % and may range from -100 to +100.

  6. To apply the configured changes, press Save. The update affects how the Air Unit communicates with all the Ground Units with which it is registered.

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